Echo River Ranch


This cat is very sweet and affectionate. She desperately wants to be loved, but hides a skittish fear that she might be hurt.

Statistics - A Description of Barncat

Barncat This cat goes by the barn name "Barncat", but comes to the name Kitty-Kitty. She is of average size and weighs about 8 pounds.

Cat Statistics At A Glance Barncats main body color is a grey tiger striped. She has four white paws and her back legs have a lot of white on them. Her nose, neck, and chest are also white. She has been spayed and her exact age and breeding are unknown; she does have the characteristics of the Maine Coon breed (longer backlegs and hunched back like a raccoon).



The Story of Barncat

Barncat walking in the yard

Barncat is slowly eliminating her nine lives. She has climbed into the open door of many a ranch guests vehicle to do some exploring. Someday, someone might accidentally drive off with her. Recently, on an out of town ranch trip, she stowed away in the ranch horse trailer. Luckily she was discovered at the fueling station and safely contained. No worse for the trip, she was released back at the ranch.

As an outdoor only cat, Barncat would love to come inside the ranch house from time to time. Unfortunately, a cat (Miss Bounce) that lives inside will not allow it. So she sleeps on hay in the barn and on extremely cold nights, she gets to sleep inside the living quarters horse trailer.

Barncat was a starving stray that showed up on the doorstep of another family member and was relocated to the ranch.

At the ranch, Barncat gets fed plenty of food, but still spends her days stalking the local wildlife. Unfortunately, she is catching the young rabbits and chipmunks that are also trying to make the ranch their home.

She wants to be friendly, but Barncat still has a fear of people. Too pet her is an honor. Usually, she will roll on the ground to scratch her own back. She will occasionally approach ranch guests, but if they reach to pet her, she runs just a few feet away and looks back suspiciously.

Barncat waiting on the porch