Echo River Ranch

Miss Bounce

This cat is very temperamental. When she wants something, she is sweet. But most of the time she is a grouch.

Statistics - A Description of Miss Bounce

Miss Bounce Miss Bounce goes by the name "Bounce", although her name should be Fat Cat. She is a small domestic cat, but she is fat and weighs over 10 pounds.

Cat Statistics At A Glance Bounces main body color is a black and white. She has four white paws and her belly is mostly white and her back is mostly black. She has a black spot on the white of her chest and another black spot on the end of her white nose.



The Story of Miss Bounce

Bounce showing her belly

Bounce often rolls onto her back and exposes her belly as if she wants a rub. But if her belly is touched, she will quickly wrap her front paws around the invader and hold tightly. Then will follow by sinking her teeth and raking her back claws on the invader, both of which draw blood.

Several years ago, Bounce got very thin. Her temperament turned even more sour and she was not a pleasant animal to be around. She was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

Treated by process radiation thirteen, she was cured of the hyperthyroidism and her disposition was once again more pleasant. Unfortunately, the treatment also causes her to easily gain weight. So balancing her weight without starving her is a challenge.

Bounce walking in the yard

Bounce was abandoned at the ranch when she was so tiny that she still had her little kitten eyes shut. A vet reported her to be about four days old.

She grew into a playful kitten and got her name because she would rear up on her hind legs and bat at things with her front paws. Another cute thing she did, was to attack her own reflection in eyeglasses or mirrors.

For her own safety, Bounce was made an indoor cat and never, if rarely, allowed outside. The main reason for this was the bugs (fleas, ticks, and chiggers) that she could possibly bring back inside with her. But she was also terrified of thunder, loud noises would send her running from room to room for places to hide.

Bounce sleeping on a pillow

Because she is an indoor cat, Bounce is rarely seen by ranch guests. She spends most of her days and nights sleeping. Sometimes she sits in a window sill to watch the activity outside.

Occasionally, Bounce will sneak outside when the door is proped open on a nice day. She loves to roll around on the driveway pavement and scratch dirt into her coat. Seldom does she stay outside for long, especially with Missy (the horseback riding dog) on guard to chase her back into the house where she belongs.

Bounce is not sociable, but she does show a need for affection. And even with her grouchy disposition, she has the cats natural ability to be a source of comfort.