Echo River Ranch

Fancy Bit Of Magic
1988/1993 - 2014

The story of this little horse will break your heart. She is the sweetest thing and just wants a place to belong.

Statistics - A Description of Magic

Fancy Bit Of Magic Fancy Bit Of Magic goes by the barn name "Magic". She is a Fox Trotter mare. Her registration papers have been lost many owners ago, but she has the gait (or Fox Trot). Her age was estimated by a veterinarian, who also found that many of her molar teeth are missing. She is 14-2 hands (or 58 inches) tall at the withers.

Horse Statistics At A Glance Magics main body color is white with black spots or markings. Her chestnut and matches the color of her mane and tail. She has a blaze the full length of her face, thinning as it reaches her nose. She has one white sock on her left hind that goes about one quarter the way up her leg. There are no other white markings on her, so she is refered to as a breeding Paint or a Paint that ain’t. Magics main body color is white with black spots or markings; she is considered a spotted Fox Trotter (vs. Pinto). Most of her body and all four legs are white. She has a few black spots; one over her whithers, one over her right front elbow, large ones from hip to hock of both back legs, and one over her entire head. She has a very thin white blaze between her eyes that almost forms a question mark and widdens to a triangle over the tip of her pick nose. Her mane hair is white accept at her head where the black spot covers the top of her head. Her tail is white on top, but black from the center to underneath.



The Beginning - How We Obtained Magic

Magics earlier days at the ranch, thin and shaggy On March 14th 2013, Magic was rescued from a farm in Oregon. She had had little to eat through the winter and what food she did get had gone into producing milk for the baby at her side. She was so skinny, it is a miracle that she lived.

Her first days at the ranch were traumatic...she was rescued and fed, then separated from her baby, hauled 7+ hours to the ranch, and quarantined from the other horses, repeatedly deloused and dewormed. She received unlimited alfalfa and a daily bucket of mash grain.

After a few days, she was moved to friends home who had excess lush pasture. And she continued to have access to unlimited alfalfa and her grain. But progress back to health was slow; depression from change and loss of her baby probably did not help either.

A few weeks later, she was returned to the ranch. Her attitude changed immediately when she recognized something from her past. She desperately wanted to be part of the ranch herd.



Horse Tails - Funny Things & Stories About Magic

Magic all shiny and plump Although her history may never be fully known, it is rumored that Magic was used as a gaming horse. She tends to want to trot rather than gait (walk fast); although the breed name is Fox Trotter, the breed is normally discouraged from actual trotting and encouraged to gait or walk very fast.

When Magic was first introduced to the herd, she had a huge kicking match with Dolly. It lasted several minutes until Dolly finally landed a kick that knocked Magic down. With her pride injured, Magic walked away. Now, Dolly and Magic are best friends and frequently with share whither massages with each other.



The Present - What We Think About Magic

Magic after rolling in some dirt Magic loves attention from younger riders and is more apt to come to children and walk away when adults approach. As small as she seems, she is strong and looks good when smaller sized adults ride her.

She is a smart horse and always eager to please her rider. She prefers to follow the herd as the last horse, but will occassionally settle for following Hawk and letting other horses be behind her.

Magic is the dirtiest horse on the ranch. She obviously wants to be a darker horse as she is always rolling in the mud. She enjoys being groomed, but as soon as she is released, she will find some mud to roll in.