Echo River Ranch

In Memory of
Loved Horses & Pets

This page is dedicated to the animals once living at Echo River Ranch. Memories of them are cherished and this page is only a small token of our love for them.

                                          May their spirits find freedom on the wind.









picture of Seatco at birth Seatco     1985 - 1986

Seatco was a colt born to Miss Britt Sea M (above), sired by Echo River Bandit. He caused a difficult birthing because he was so large, almost killing both himself and his mother. He was a registered appaloosa, but he was born a solid seal brown, almost black, color. He did not have any appaloosa spots.

He was never quite right in the head and at two years old, he began feeling pain when things touched him. The pain made him lash out, he was very dangerous. Rather than allow him to hurt someone, we chose to end his suffering.





picture of Bid On A Full Moon Bid On A Full Moon (Peanut)     1983 - sold in 1986

Bid On A Full Moon, known as Peanut, was a colt out of Alkhar’s Melody Echo. He was born a registered appaloosa. His color was black with a large white blanket and black spots, this considered him a blanketed appaloosa.

For his first two years, he spent many hours playing stallion with his older brother, Echo River Bandit. They shared a birth day, Peanut was one year younger. He was sold as a yearling stud and has probably passed. No other history is known.



picture of Amekan Flip Flash (Amy) Amekan Flip Flash (Amy)     1985 - sold in 1986

Amekan Flip Flash, known as Amy, was a filly out of Alkhar’s Melody Echo. She was born a registered appaloosa. Her color was mostly white with hints of reddish brown in her mane and tail. She also had about six small spot scattered on her body, this considered her a snow-flake appaloosa.

She was even more meek and mellow than her mother or either of her brothers (Echo River Bandit and Bid On A Full Moon). She was sold as a weanling and has probably passed. No other history is known.



picture of Angel Angel     1963 - sold in 1983

Angel was purchased to be a 4-H project for the kids. She was an old show horse of saddlebred breeding. She was ridden in a few more small horse shows, but the kids soon lost interest in the shows and used her for trail riding. And she seemed to enjoy the trails more too.

She was a smart horse. She could fake a limp to get out of riding; she would drag her leg and then buck with glee when she was turned loose. She could scratch her own belly; she would straddle an old tractor in her pasture and rock herself across it to rub the itches on her stomach. She was sold and has probably passed. No other history is known.



picture of Tonka Tonka     1978 - 1981

Tonka was a wild mustang that was rescued from starvation. Unfortunately, she was not found before she had consumed significant quantities of a poisonous plant called tansy ragwort which had deteriorated her liver beyond repair.

For a short time, she was able to live with a full stomach and run with other horses. But a new healthy life could not be sustained by her damaged liver and she soon began to weaken. She had heart, but it was not enough. Under veterinary care, her continued decline warranted that her suffering end.



picture of Flett Flett     1961 - 1974

Flett was quarter horse that had been retired from racing. Nothing is known about her racing career accept that an unfortunate accident had mutilated her right eye. She was admired by a young horse crazy girl and gifted to the girl on her thirteenth birthday.

She was our first horse. She was boarded at a private farm a mile away, so we rode a bicycle to care for or ride her almost everyday. After a couple of years, she was moved to another facility while we spent a year in Europe. She was never seen again and her disappearance is still a mystery.