Echo River Ranch

Ranch Family

Echo River Ranch is privately owned. Our animals are our family.

We are not in the business of buying and selling animals. Nor are we in the business of animal rescue. But occasionally a new animal will come to the ranch. We are looking for the right fit, both for us and for the animal. We want the animals to fit in and be happy here.

Ranch Horses

picture of Spot On The Side
Spot On The Side

This charming horse is a real talker. She greets visitors with a scream and promptly notifies the ranch ownership if anything is amiss.

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picture of Hawkeye

This horse has the kindest eye and it will look right into your soul. It is hard to believe that he is a rescued horse and came to the ranch on January 19th, 2010.

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picture of Apache

This horse is very independent. He has been known to complain about the condition of the trails when he trips over roots or has to step over logs.

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picture of The Artful Dodger
The Artful Dodger

This horse will soon be one of the ranch favorites. He comes to the ranch after being run through local auction and ending up in the "unwanted" pen.

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picture of I Wanna Be Your Pal
I Wanna Be Your Pal

This horse has a kindness about him that makes you want to hug him and he loves the attention. He is the most vocal horse at the ranch, and begs to go out on every ride.

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picture of Harlequin Romancer
Harlequin Romancer

Stout and steady, this horse has history with both the Amish and a salad family. He has some secret scars that do not affect his love ability. But watch out for his licking as it will eventually lead to a nip.

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picture of SPF Big and Rich
SPF Big and Rich

This horse has character. He is entertaining and comical, a real show stopper! Big in personality, not in size. He is ridden only by the trail guide, no other riders are allowed to ride him.

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Other Animals at the Ranch

cartoon picture of wildlife
Local Wildlife

Local wildlife is also abundant on the ranch. There are many bunnies, chipmunks, and birds. We are frequently visited by a bald eagle, an owl, doves, woodpeckers including a red-headed one, a raccoon, and a red hawk. Just off the property on the nearby trails, we have seen grouse and pheasant, deer, elk, coyote, bobcat, otter, black bear, and track of a cougar. Fox?